Wetsuit Care and Advice

Triathlon specific wetsuits are different from water-skiing, scuba or rafting wetsuits. They are fragile race equipment and require careful use. The suits are made to put on slowly, wearing socks, and taking enough time to get the suit on correctly. Take care not to ‘chip’ or snag the surface of the suit with your fingernails. Race wetsuits are made to take off quickly when done correctly. Use a lubricant (Bodyglide or PAM but NEVER Vaseline or Petroleum based products as they will damage the neoprene).

What to wear under your wetsuit
You should wear under your wetsuit whatever you will compete the rest of the race in. Remember nudity in the transition area will result in disqualification. You can race in any clothing you feel comfortable in and most competitors wear cycling shorts or a swim costume which they keep on for the duration of the race. Everything will dry very quickly when you start the cycle. You can also keep your race top by your bike in transition to put on before the cycle.

TRISUITS are designed specifically for swimming, biking and running. They dry quickly, provide sufficient padding and will pevent chaffing in certain areas. Our official retailers sell TRISUITS that will help you look the part as well. This clothing will make you more comfortable during the event.

How the wetsuit should feel
When swimming, very little water should enter the suit. If the suit feels loose out of the water, choose a smaller size. The suit should feel comfortable when horizontal in the water as water softens neoprene so the wetsuit expands - on land, it should feel tight. To first time wetsuit users, this can feel uncomfortably tight until you are in the water.

Taking the wetsuit off
Silicon gel / spray or baby oil will aid quick removal. NEVER USE PETROLEUM BASED PRODUCTS as this will damage the neoprene!

For fast take-off undo the zip before undoing the flap. Put your thumb under the suit at the shoulder (not your throat - do not tug the collar) and slide the suit down to your bicep on one arm. Reach behind and pull the sleeve off your tricep and down your arm. As you roll the suit down the body, keep it turning inside out. Do not try and step out of the suit until it is rolled down past the calves. Hook thumb under suit to pull free from feet. Once off, place on a towel.

Wetsuit care
Never store the suit tightly folded. Instead, let the suit air dry and hang it on a broad, wide-shoulder hanger away from direct heat. Rinse the suit off with clean, fresh water after swimming in a pool or salt water. When you pack your suit in a race bag, carry it inside out (nylon side out) to avoid chipping the smooth neoprene skin. Pack loosely and be sure it is dry. A light coating of bar soap on the zipper can make it work smoothly and washes off quickly.

When drying your wetsuit, make sure it is inside out. Avoid leaving your wetsuit in direct sunlight. Do not fold your wetsuit - instead roll it, or better yet, keep on a plastic hanger to avoid creasing. Store in a cool dry place.